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CasePoint is a unified eDiscovery platform that provides ease-of-use, scalability and security.

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@Legal offers collections, consulting and technical services through a team of

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@Legal has offices located throughout the United States. Our industry experts understand the litigation process.

Complete eDiscovery available on Any Device. Any Platform. Any Browser.

@Legal Discovery can craft a workflow that will work well for your case.

@Legal Discovery is a technology company that understands law firms. We are lawyers, litigation professionals and technologists who apply legal expertise to find the optimal and more efficient ways to facilitate the practice of law. We strive to make lawyers faster, better and more accurate in eDiscovery.

@Legal understands the critical services legal clients demand: responsiveness, speed and accuracy. We deliver our processing and hosting services through our custom tool set and private server environment known as CasePoint. CasePoint leverages our vast technical capabilities to provide outstanding quality with predictable pricing. Using state-of-the-art collection and preservation technology, we manage and process terabytes of data using our unified eDiscovery platform.

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